How To Run Your Soft Air Purifier


  • The primary filter can filter floating particles such as hair, pollen, and dust in the air.
  • The high-efficiency filter (HEPA) can filter fine particles e.g microorganisms, viruses, and PM2.5 as small as 0.3um.
  • With high efficiency activated carbon material filter to efficiently absorb formaldehyde, benzene, and other toxic and harmful gases.
  • With a high-quality fan, it is more powerful but makes less noise.
  • One-button switching of multiple working modes, simple operation. With colored led wind speed indicators.


  • Do NOT use liquids, such as water or flammable solvents to clean the product, please use a soft cloth to clean while the product is not running.
  • Please keep air circulation and Do NOT cover the product while running.
  • Please keep windows shut while the product is running to improve the purification, and please adjust the room temperature to a colder setting.
  • To keep safety, please Do NOT open the top cover when the product is running
  • Prohibit to use this product as a children’s toy
  • Keep this product on a flat surface to maximize purification. 
  • Do not use other types of power adapters, keep used of the original accessories which accompany the package. We do not assume any responsibility for damage or accident caused by improper installation or use.


  • Connect to a power source with the included USB cable. 
  • Make sure the Soft Air Purifier is turned on and in the power off position.
  • Adjust wind speed to preference:
    • One-touch: Blue Light-->Primary Purification
    • Two-touches: Yellow Light-->Rapid Purification
    • Three-touches: Red Light-->High-Efficiency Purification
    • Press and hold for 3 seconds: Product will Turn off


  • The average lifespan of this filter is 3-5 months based on different usage levels. In order to keep it in the best shape to purify its best, we suggest it is better to replace the filter after 3-5 months of use. The Soft Air Purifier will warn you when the filter needs replacement by flickering the red light 3 times and beeping 3 times. After replacing the filter, press and hold for 8 seconds until the green light flickers, signaling it has reset itself. Be sure to replace it with a genuine filter that matches this product.